Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet


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"Deen" means belief, creed, path or way in Arabic. Christianity is a Deen. Judaism is a Deen. Buddhism is a Deen. A "Green Deen" is the choice to practice your religion while affirming the synergies between faith and the environment.

Goals of "Green Deen" -To build a movement that brings together spiritual practice with protection of the environment.

-To create a conversation that doesn’t have people of faith debating the intricacies of theology but, rather, finding common ground. We all live on this planet and must live together in harmony as a means to protect it.

-To shed light on the significant contributions of people of faith to the environmental movement.

"Green Deen" is organized into 4 parts: Waste, Watts, Water, and Food. Civilizations have been defined by how they manage these 4 things. Waste management and energy delivery is essential to the every day functioning of a city or society. Water and food is vital to the survival of humanity.