A Biography of the Prophet of Islam: In the light of the original sources an analytical study 2 set Vol.


This work on the life history of the Prophet (Sallalahu Ale Wasalam) stands out from other works in quite a few ways. First, every detail mentioned has been traced back to original sources, whose authenticity has been discussed extensively in the footnotes. Second, the events of the Prophet's life have been related to modern times and lessons drawn for the benefit of those who happen to face similar situations in their struggle to spread the Prophetic message.

Darussalam feels proud to present another book on the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him) . He was the most outstanding person that the world has seen. He was a religious guide, a social and moral reformer, a political visionary, a military general, and an administrator who founded a state, built a nation and established a dynamic society to usher in a new philosophy of human thought, action and behavior. Moreover, he accomplished all these in a short period of only twenty-three years. There is no human in history who contributed to humanity so much in such diverse fields, as did the Prophet (S).

Although there have been other Prophets in the past who contributed their share to the world, but as they were sent to particular nations or geographical regions, we find no traces of them as regards details of their lives and teachings, the time and place of their birth, and details about the exact impact they produced on the human society. This is not the case with the Prophet (S). We know about his birth, childhood, the latter days until he got married, the beginning of his mission, the difficulties he faced, his migration, his success, have all been fully and accurately documented and preserved for the rest of the time.

Today, after more than 1400 years, details of the life, manners, actions and teachings of the Prophet (S) are available without any loss, alteration or modification. They offer the same light for treating the many ills of our times as in the past, but in fact acquire greater importance in view of new dimensions to human suffering because of the wrong policies of those countries that consider themselves above the Law. The United Nations and other bodies that were set up to secure the rights of the wronged are being manipulated to oppress weaker nations, resulting in untold sufferings, and desperate acts on the part of the victims.

The Prophet (S) had also made a body to secure the rights of the oppressed, but it was not a window dressing. It was a grand success for the honesty behind it. In the words of Prof. Hurgronje, "The League of Nations founded by Prophet of Islam put the principle of international unity of human brotherhood on such universal foundations as to show candle to other nations. The fact is that no nation of the world can show a parallel to what Islam has done towards the realization of the idea of the League of Nations." George Bernard Shaw said, "If Muhammad were alive today, he would succeed in solving all those problems which threaten to destroy human civilization in our times." Let us study the life of the Prophet whose teachings and examples can change our lives, our thinking, our behavior and the whole world for the better. He is truly a Blessing for Mankind. May Allah shower His blessings on him!