Critical Lives: Muhammad (Yahiya Emerick)



What is unique about this book is the author's approach to show Muhammad (s) not only as a Prophet and Messenger but as a human being, with joys and sorrows, hopes and fears. It is perhaps the most personal approach to the Prophet's exemplary life.


Coverage includes: the claim to prophethood -- ProphetMuhammad's teachings, and his first coverts; the Muslim flight to Medina, ProphetMuhammad's battles, and the eventual bloodless Muslim conquest of Mecca; ProphetMuhammad's political victory in the Arabian peninsula, and wars with Byzantium and Persia; the death of ProphetMuhammad, and the ways in which his message lived beyond him, and ProphetMuhammad's place in history -- his role in Muslim theology and cosmology, the ways he is viewed in different Muslim sects and regions, and the influence of Muhammad today in Islamic movements.

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